It’s illogic to believe that all human beings are exactly the same. Let’s confirm one more time that the Muslim himself is not the main problem, but the absolute problem is in the Islam dogma in which man believes in; regardless of his gender, color, or race. His belief in Islam turns him to be a human being who hates whoever is around him. It turns him to become bloody. He is ready to kill the closest person to him, if they have different beliefs. That explains why we see terrorists of all nationalities including European and Americans. They kill and dispute  just for being Muslims.

Therefore, Osama Ben Laden and other Muslims whom we call terrorists are doing what their religion commands them. For Islam and Muslims, they are precisely practicing their religion. They are real believers who put their God and their prophet’s commandments into action.

Let's summarize a few points:

Is there a terrorist Muslim and a peaceful Muslim? Yes
Is there terrorizing Islam and peaceful Islam? No

To explain the idea: in spite of all those terrorist attacks among the world, thousands of victims and billions of dollars of economic loss, those murderers had never been religiously banned. We are not talking about the informative or political depreciation, but a solemn banning which is issued by and international Islamic institution approved by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Pakistan. Such a statement had been or would be issued. The only reason is that what terrorists do is approved by Islam. It is one of the pillars of Islam, to go to “Jihad” (invading and killing) for God’s sake.