The Holy Gospel says "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers." 2 Corinthians 6:14. A Muslim is not considered a believer as mentioned in the previous verse, it's important to know that Islam doesn't allow a Muslim woman to be married to a Christian, so the power in the family would be to the Muslim man. One of his main goals is to let his Christian wife convert to Islam. Any children they have are not allowed to be anything other than Muslims even by force.
There is an unprofessed plan which is encouraged among all Muslims in the west, Islamic Websites and Mosques. That plan is that young Muslims in Europe and the United States to marry European and American Christians. Their goals are:

  • Trying to deceive Christian women by marrying them and then converting them to Muslims willingly or unwillingly.

  • Their kids would be Muslims according to Islam laws.

  • To serve the Islamic goals of gaining dominance over those countries by changing their demography. Muslims can get a lot of kids and benefit from the decrease of the percentage of those giving birth in the west in general.

  • Within 30 to 50 years a generation for European and American Muslims will emerge.

They will believe in all the Islamic dogma of hostility, refusing the other, governing by the Islamic laws as the civil law is a kind of infidelity. By that time, those Muslims will be able to be nominated for public positions in the west. They would be able to form a wide base of terrorists. They are not going to be in Thera Bora in Pakistan or Afghanistan, but they are going to be European and American citizens who live among us.

What is mentioned explains how 11 out of 19 who conspired in 9/11/2001 were married or friends of Christian American women.