A Christian man can never hate anybody. The word “hatred” is not listed in the Christian Dictionary. Our Lord asks us to love our enemies, to bless those who curse us, to do well to those who hate us; Therefore, according to this heavenly trilogy, hatred has no room in a Christian man’s life.

What’s important to a Christian is to look at the Muslim as a person who lives in the darkness of sin. He is burdened under Satan, the unmerciful master, and his pressure just like any other person who doesn’t know the truth even if he was a Christian. They all deserve love, mercy, and prayers from the believers.

It’s so important to differentiate between Muslims and Islam. A Muslim is a human being. Islam is a political, combative, and social ideology in a religious frame. It allows, no other than its followers, the right to live even if they don’t believe in the ideology. He (the non-believer) is treated as an enemy who deserves to be killed. For the best chances, he is a disbeliever who should be harshly humiliated.

Islam has never been a religion like others: as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or Confucians. Those religions are based upon the relation between man and his God. They uplift men morally and spiritually in order to make out of him a peaceful, helpful, loving, and an unbiased man. That does not apply to Islam at all. Islam turns its believers to be hostile, reactionary, sanguineous. A Christian cannot deal with Islam the same way he does with other religions. Not due to hatred or rejection, but to be aware, precautious, and understanding to this dangerous ideology.