Barbara J. Stock

Iam on the mailing list of several Islamic publications and almost without exception there was veritable glee over the liberal hue and cry from leftists for a more liberal pope.If you read between the lines, you can very clearly see what these Islamics are hoping for: more moral decay in the already evil and decadent West. This evilness would then be used as the reason for the mass slaughter that lies ahead. Allah has demanded that the evil and sinful Christians be sent to the fires of hell and if Islamics are convinced that all Christians are evil, the followers of Mohammed can kill with a clear conscience.The Quran already states that "all Christians will be burned in the fire," but many moderate Muslims sensibly ask, "Why?" These non-violent Muslims must be whipped into shape for the battle, and time is short.

As Mohammed sat scratching out the Quran, he knew his biggest threat was then, and would be in the future, the followers of Jesus — Christians. Mohammed couldn't just disregard Jesus, however, for he was too important. So he cleverly managed to make only the followers of Jesus evil while elevating Jesus to the rank of a prophet. The paradox is that the man was good, but his followers were bad. This is an interesting and unexplainable conflict. Mohammed had to convince people that Jesus was not the Son the God. If Jesus was the promised Messiah, there would have been no need for another prophet and no need for Mohammed because the prophecy would have been fulfilled.

Mohammed referred to Christians often and always with venom and hate.This is just a few of the lines from the Quran that refer to Christians:"Allah will tear Christians apart for ascribing partners to him.""Allah will taunt the Christians in hell, saying: Where are all my partners that you used to believe in?""Allah cast fear into the hearts of the disbelieving People of the Scripture. Their home in the Hereafter will be the Fire."Mohammed tried to convince the Jews that he was their promised Messiah, but they didn't believe him. Jews became the hated ones. Jews rejected Mohammed and they quickly felt his wrath. This blind hatred continues to this day. While Islamics hate the Jews, they don't see the Jews as a collective threat to Islam. Jews are just used for target practice. The war with the Jews is just a prelude for what is to come.

Christians, however, were a lost cause right from the start. Christians had already accepted Jesus as the promised Messiah long before Mohammed was even born. History told Mohammed that Christians were a stubborn bunch. They had been fed to lions, tortured, crucified, beaten, and still, Christianity thrived and grew. Even the powerful Romans could not stop them.There was a time when Mohammed and his handful of followers hid among Christians from enemies who wanted to kill him. It was during that time that he selectively picked from Christianity those features that he felt suited his purposes and he discarded the rest.

In fact, in the beginning Mohammed was quite fond of Christian monks. He said of them in the beginning of the Quran: "You will certainly find the nearest in friendship to those ... who say: We are Christians; there are priests and monks among them and because they do not behave proudly." As time passed, his opinion of the solidly Christian monks and priests changed considerably. Mohammed later told his followers not to listen to them because they would lead them "from Allah's way." Translation: Christians won't follow me so they are now the enemy. The seeds of hatred for Christians and Jews were planted early and often in the minds of Muslims.When many Islamic leaders came to pay homage to Pope John Paul II, the radical element of Islam was outraged. They seemed to say: How dare Islamic leaders show respect to the leader of the enemy! While the pope is the leader of the Catholic Church and not all Christians, many in Islam know that when the final battle begins, Christians will close ranks and they will look to a single leader to guide them. More than likely, it will be the pope. After all, many people believe that every Christian religion is a splinter group of Catholicism. We all believe that Jesus was the Son of God. That belief will unite us.

Islam has no central leader to look to for guidance. It is fragmented and disjointed. In short, Islam has pope-envy.Islamics know there are not enough Jews in the world to stop them, but Christians, now that is a different story. I have found it fascinating that Mohammed paid little attention to Buddhists and Hindus. Both existed long before Islam. Is it that Mohammed didn't have much contact with anyone other than Jews and Christians, so they were just ignored by the all-knowing and all-seeing Mohammed? Mohammed seems to have overlooked millions of people who have no desire to follow the teachings of Islam.Islamic hatred is directed right at the group of people that Mohammed knew would be the people to stand up to Islam and defeat his followers someday: The followers of Jesus Christ. In fact, that defeat has been predicted.

St. Malachy, an Irish Bishop who died in 1148 A.D., left behind a list of the popes to come. He gave them all one identifying line. Historians who have studied St. Malachy's list have said that he was remarkably accurate. What is unsettling is that there are only two more popes on his list.The new pope, whose identity is still unknown, has been predicted not only by St. Malachy, but St. Benedict as well. St. Malachy identified the next to last Pope to lead the Catholic Church with the line, "The Glory of the Olive." St. Benedict stated that this as yet un-elected pope would be from his order, which interestingly is also known as the Olivetans. Frankly, I don't see a conflict in their predictions. Both stated that this pope would be the one who would make the stand and lead Christians into the final fight against evil — a fight that they predicted Christianity will win.

Centuries ago, Mohammed heard a voice in his head. Whether it was his own voice he heard or that of someone — or something — else, we do not know. What is obvious is that the warning was clear: Beware of the Christians.I have no doubt that Islamic leaders will be watching to see who is chosen to lead the world's Catholics and perhaps, ultimately, all Christians. I am sure they are hoping that a weak, liberal pope will take the reins of the only real threat to Islam. A weak pope will allow the decadent West to move even farther from the teachings of Christ.I also have no doubt that this will not happen. If the cardinals make the wrong choice, it will be corrected just as quickly as it was when they made the wrong choice prior to Pope John Paul II. Humbled, the cardinals will return to bury yet another pope and then pick the correct man that is destined to be pope.If the end-time is coming, and I have no idea if it is, and the duel prediction of two saints is true, the dye is already cast. The future is already in motion around us and it will be up to the followers of Christ to face the followers of Mohammed. How long it will take and how many will die, I have no idea but I have no doubt as to the outcome. God cast out the devil once. He will do it again, with, or without us.